Well, I must be behind in the advancements of really cool things pertaining to fast food. Went to Chic Filet today and noticed that they had these really cool ketchup containers. I usually forgo ketchup if i’m in my car. Why? Well for one thing, it’s messy, and there is nothing to put it in for dipping. Today, my dillema was solved!!! I know,  you must be thinking to yourself;  “Ok…this chick gets excited over ketchup dippers?”  well, it is the small things right??? Actually I just think it’s a pretty cool idea. Of course, I’ve not seen them in other restauraunts, so i’m thinking that they are expensive for Heinz to make them, so they have to up the anty to the merchant who purchases them, so in today’s economy, most of the fast food chains just can’t splurge on an item like this. Chic Filet can though! They are rollin in the dough (at least in Delaware it seems..every time I go by one, the drive-thru is jamming), so they are on the bandwagon with these new ketchup dippers. Now i’m waiting for the day when you have to ask for them when you order your meal, because, well,  people like to think they are entitled to inordinate amounts of these things for their own personal use, and thus, the honest, frugal, thoughtful of others, people will have to suffer.

Just in case you were interested, here is the press release about the dippers, they were released in February 2011. Who knew???

So since I am off this week from work…supposedly to catch on housework, organizing, etc., I was researching organization resources (aside from some good organization tips, this blog is a great source for all things “home”, etc.,) here is the link:                              suggested reading “Funny Mom’s Blog’s” the first one listed (and rightfully so in the First Place category) were the musings on this Mom’s blog:

 I read the most current post about buying a new couch…I was cracking up…It felt good to crack up! My daughter thought I was crazy, I even tried to humor her and read the post aloud, well, guess I can’t expect an 11 year old to appreciate good hearted adult humor. If you need a break, and a good laugh, I recommend checking her blog out. You will not be disappointed! Oh, and if you have nothing but time on your hands (uh, yeah right!! ), no time but need a break from the monotony check these other “Funny Mom” blogs out too:

Ok, well enough for now…I really need to get in gear.



So to continue on from my “Christmas Dinner” post; The roast came out perfectly, as well as the yorkshire pudding. My parent’s, Mike’s Mom, Mike, Caitlyn and I enjoyed the dinner very much. My Mom brought greek green beans, and German potato salad as sides. Then we had apple pie with vanilla ice-cream and Vermont sharp white cheddar cheese slices for dessert.

We all exchanged gifts, and Caitlyn was very pleased with her gifts; Hard to please a tween sometimes! 😀 We really had a very blessed Christmas this year. I hope you all did too.






Christmas morning has come and we’re opened..Hubby fell back asleep, Caitlyn is playing her new Nintendo DS game, and now I begin to prepare our Christmas feast.

I had already decided I wanted a beef roast for dinner. I decided a standing rib roast would be soooo delicious, and will pair it with Yorkshire Pudding (haven’t had it since I was a kid!), and brown gravy.

So the other day I was surfing the Internet on how to cook a standing rib roast, and found this very informative site: Whats Cooking America (even included the yorkshire pudding and gravy recipes..Yay I don’t have to jump around to different sites for my other recipes..I love convenience!)

Aside from the page just covering rib roasts (including info on the knife to use and how to carve it!), the site has also has a vast amount of recipes with easy to follow instructions. I am  also going to make the sour cream horseradish sauce mentioned as well.

My mouth is watering as I write this!! Check back later to see how it turned out!

Before I head out for the night and start my preparations for Christmas dinner, I can’t go without writing about our troops serving abroad and in the States, and in harms way fighting the war on terrorism. Wishing them and their families a Merry Christmas, and I pray for their safe return home to their families, and to let them know they are always in my thoughts. God Bless!

It is Christmas Eve 2011, another year almost coming to and end, and what a year to be thankful for. I started my photography business “Blessed Moment Photo”, and without the support of family and friends to encourage me to “just do it!” I would not be blogging about it today (which marks my first “official” blog post too!).  I am so blessed in so many ways, and I am thankful to the Lord Jesus, who I truly believe has watched over me, and bestowed the many blessings I have in my life upon me.

I believe the key to being blessed is first to BELIEVE, then one must see the signs, that are the blessings. Blessings just don’t magically appear, we must always look for the signs the Lord sends out, and recognize them, and be thankful. On the even of the Lords birth, and this year will be on the Holy day, I hope everyone is as blessed as I am, and has a very Merry Christmas.

This was a fun photo session! I decided that a path in the woods, in a nearby state park was the perfect location to get shots of these two boys. The boys decided to bring their own flair to the session, and brought their own props. They were naturals. The shots came out great, and Mom and Dad were so pleased to see how they came out. Hope I have the opportunity to do their next session! And next time get Mom and Dad in the mix! 😀

Today I had the pleasure of photographing Tom and Shanika as they exchanged their wedding vows. Talk about being Blessed! These two were meant to come together and unite in love. I’m so happy for them and so thankful that they chose me to photograph their union.

Had a great time photographing these two exchanging vows. A small, intimate ceremony, perfect for these two. Greg, served in the  Army, and was injured over in Iraq. He had a lengthy recovery. It was a long road to finally get to see his beautiful bride to be, Olivia walk down the aisle.  Oh, and let’s not forget Hurricane Irene…She decided to come on the day of Olivia and Gregs’ wedding, which was originally planned to be at Bethany Beach, Delaware. Fortunately the bride was able to reserve a place to hold the wedding! Everyone else had to re-arrange their wedding plans too, so it was no easy feat!

After the kiss, it was all applause and a big “Phew!!!” for these two. Blessings abound!!!