I am a lifestyle photographer who loves to capture “Blessed Moments” in a natural light setting outdoors. I also have a studio in my home for those times when the weather is not so nice or for corporate head shots, etc., I photograph all of life’s “blessed moments” from birth up to adulthood, and beyond, and small event photography as well.

Photography is my passion, (I know, cliche’ but truly the only word to express what photography means to me in my life) and coupled with my outgoing personality, and innate ability to make people feel comfortable and as if they have known me for “years” (so i’ve been told by so many who have crossed my path), is what allows me to capture the true personality in each photograph I take in a special unique way that only Nancy Alexander, can do.

Yep, I know there are gazillions of photographers out there to choose from, and why should I be your choice over others? I can offer some advice to you; when choosing a photographer for your life’s “blessed moment’s”, I hope these few pieces of advice will help ease the burden when you are making the decision on which photographer to choose…….(Hopefully it will be me, me, me! Hint, hint, hint :D).

Myself, and other photographers in the business, will agree, there are many, many photographers who claim to be professional; an “adjective” as defined (for this purpose) in the Webster’s Dictionary: “having or showing the skill appropriate to a professional person; competent or skillful”

– When looking for a photographer, you want to ensure that they truly love what they do, and that they know what they are doing, and that they are a “true professional” as described above. The digital age of cameras makes photography so simple, that really just about anyone, even kids, can take a picture that comes out properly exposed, and with the subjects fully in the shot. However, it really takes a truly passionate, disciplined and educated photographer, with technical knowledge of all of the settings of the camera, lighting, and so much more, to truly capture a “blessed moment” to treasure forever. Additionally, the photographer must be knowledgeable in how to run a business, legally, and efficiently. Without these attributes, honestly, they are just a person with a really nice camera, who appears to be a professional, but really isn’t. A note about education: IMHO, and also many other pros in the business, will agree that no, a photographer really doesn’t have to go to Art school to learn photography, yes, it is a plus, but honestly, a photographer who has years of schooling and technical knowledge, honestly, without the passion or the given talent (it’s truly in the blood), doesn’t mean they will take pictures any better than some one who doesn’t have formal training, yet has the same technical knowledge, because they learned on their own, through hours upon hours of research, videos, workshops, and networking with other photographers. I am one of many professional photographers, that fall into the latter category, and I can tell you, IMHO, makes just as good, yet I will go out on a limb to say a better photographer, because it was the passion that drove the learning. I could go on, however, I will spare you a long drawn out blog post for now, and save it for one of my future postings. This is about me, and you, and hopefully “you and I” getting together soon to discuss how I will capture your “blessed moments” 😀

“Here is a little diddy” about Nancy Alexander, the Photographer at Blessed Moment Photo:

I have been creative my entire life, first dabbling in drawing designs, and sketching fashion models out of Vogue magazine as a teenager. My interest turned to photography in my high school years, where I learned about composition, lighting, and developing film in the darkroom while attending a vocational high school by enrolling in a Commercial Arts program. After high school, I joined the US Army and was stationed in Frankfurt, GE for three years. I took hundreds, maybe even thousands of pictures while I was there, all of which were ruined when they were shipped back to the US :(. I settled into a job at a bank, and enrolled in college, majoring in Business Adminstration, so I put the camera on the shelf for a bit.

Fast forward to 2007, when I was given my firs DSLR camera (Canon Rebel XT) from the love of my life (and the basis behind the name of my business “Blessed Moment Photo”, Mike, and haven’t put the camera down since that day! I started to get noticed for my photographic talent as I posted my pictures on Facebook (mostly nature, or pictures of family). Family and friends would always tell me I need to do photography as a profession, and that I was wasting my God given talents by not doing so. I started to get inquiries from friends and co-workers asking if I could do a portrait for them, their wedding, or for a friend, and was also asked to do a “glamour” themed birthday party. After doing those sessions, I realized, this is what I was truly meant to do in life, along with being a mother to the most precious, intelligent, funny, loving girl (a blessed moment in my life), whom Mike and I named Caitlyn.

Sooooo…I did it…I took the plunge in the latter part of 2010, and started my professional photography business: “Blessed Moment Photo – Photography by Nancy Alexander”. It has been a slow but steady pace, as I still serve in the military, 24 years under my belt now, in the Air National Guard, and I also work full-time for the Delaware Air National Guard as a Human Resources Professional. It is difficult to manage both, but I take it day by day, and spend my time when not working for the military, building my photography business.

The purpose behind my blog is not only to showcase my photography sessions for my clients, it is also intended to let others that happen to view my blog, to view me as “Nancy Alexander”, as I will be posting about things I love, things I don’t love, my philosophies, and anything else that my always churning mind ponders about.

It is also my hope that my blog will help potential clients, who are struggling with making the crucial decision to hire a photographer, to get to know more about me as a person, thus helping them make decision easier, by knowing that by hiring me to be their photographer, I promise to do all that has to be done to capture all of the “blessed moments” they expect me, the photographer, to capture with my camera, and in the meantime, also building a trusting relationship, to last for years to come, so I will be there for each and every “blessed moment” that comes along in their life.