Christmas morning has come and we’re opened..Hubby fell back asleep, Caitlyn is playing her new Nintendo DS game, and now I begin to prepare our Christmas feast.

I had already decided I wanted a beef roast for dinner. I decided a standing rib roast would be soooo delicious, and will pair it with Yorkshire Pudding (haven’t had it since I was a kid!), and brown gravy.

So the other day I was surfing the Internet on how to cook a standing rib roast, and found this very informative site: Whats Cooking America (even included the yorkshire pudding and gravy recipes..Yay I don’t have to jump around to different sites for my other recipes..I love convenience!)

Aside from the page just covering rib roasts (including info on the knife to use and how to carve it!), the site has also has a vast amount of recipes with easy to follow instructions. I am  also going to make the sour cream horseradish sauce mentioned as well.

My mouth is watering as I write this!! Check back later to see how it turned out!