So since I am off this week from work…supposedly to catch on housework, organizing, etc., I was researching organization resources (aside from some good organization tips, this blog is a great source for all things “home”, etc.,) here is the link:                              suggested reading “Funny Mom’s Blog’s” the first one listed (and rightfully so in the First Place category) were the musings on this Mom’s blog:

 I read the most current post about buying a new couch…I was cracking up…It felt good to crack up! My daughter thought I was crazy, I even tried to humor her and read the post aloud, well, guess I can’t expect an 11 year old to appreciate good hearted adult humor. If you need a break, and a good laugh, I recommend checking her blog out. You will not be disappointed! Oh, and if you have nothing but time on your hands (uh, yeah right!! ), no time but need a break from the monotony check these other “Funny Mom” blogs out too:

Ok, well enough for now…I really need to get in gear.