Well, I must be behind in the advancements of really cool things pertaining to fast food. Went to Chic Filet today and noticed that they had these really cool ketchup containers. I usually forgo ketchup if i’m in my car. Why? Well for one thing, it’s messy, and there is nothing to put it in for dipping. Today, my dillema was solved!!! I know,  you must be thinking to yourself;  “Ok…this chick gets excited over ketchup dippers?”  well, it is the small things right??? Actually I just think it’s a pretty cool idea. Of course, I’ve not seen them in other restauraunts, so i’m thinking that they are expensive for Heinz to make them, so they have to up the anty to the merchant who purchases them, so in today’s economy, most of the fast food chains just can’t splurge on an item like this. Chic Filet can though! They are rollin in the dough (at least in Delaware it seems..every time I go by one, the drive-thru is jamming), so they are on the bandwagon with these new ketchup dippers. Now i’m waiting for the day when you have to ask for them when you order your meal, because, well,  people like to think they are entitled to inordinate amounts of these things for their own personal use, and thus, the honest, frugal, thoughtful of others, people will have to suffer.

Just in case you were interested, here is the press release about the dippers, they were released in February 2011. Who knew???